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It can be activated in your account settings page on the Runescape website. In addition to activating this feature, we recommend employing common sense when protecting your account. Using the same password as you do on multiple websites, sharing your login details and having a weak, easy to guess password are among he leading causes of account hijacking.

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Finally, as Christmas’ Future, you do a fun little silent-treatment, where you show up, but pretend to have taken a vow of silence, wherein you do little emotes to scare the crap out of old Ebby. You even unlock a new emote doing this, and the ordeal is rather amusing. After scaring him into thinking he’s going to die in the future (what a big surprise), he’ll return the food and the thousand pounds of red-clad lard to the Snow Queen, and you’ll be rewarded with a delicious, delicious Candy Cane, a scarf for Barry, and your ghost robes, which are pretty awesome, if you asked me. I’ve found a new mining outfit.